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Year: 2021
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Country: USA
Time: 1h 50min
Quality: HD
Palmer, directed by Fisher Stevens, tells the story of Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake), who after spending the last 12 years in prison, is released and tries to rebuild his life. The man is a former football player, who struggles to reintegrate into the community, despite his past. Eddie gets a job as a cleaner in the stadium where he once played and befriends Sam (Ryder Allen), a child abandoned by his mother. Right from the start, the ex-convict notes that the child behaves differently from his peers and for this reason he is judged by adults and children and labeled as "strange". Although initially he too shows a certain reluctance towards Sam's attitudes, Eddie forging a stronger bond with him, will begin to understand and accept him.
The man will understand, thanks to the relationship with Sam, that the real family is the one you create and will be willing to do anything to defend the child and give him a bright future ...
Palmer (2021)

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