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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 49min
Director:Kyle Rankin
Quality: HD
Run Hide Fight, directed by Kyle Rankin, tells the story of Zoe Hull (Isabel May), a 17-year-old girl whose mother recently died. The young woman has not yet overcome the loss of her parent, so much so that every now and then she addresses her as if she were still alive, and is forced to live with her rigid father, with whom she has a bad relationship. The only person she can rely on is Lewis (Olly Sholotan), her best friend, who is in love with her.
Zoe can't wait to finish senior year, leave high school behind and start a new life in college, but this dream of hers is in danger of shattering when a group of armed students raid the institute, shooting at whoever comes under their gun. The whole thing is filmed by the gang leader, Tristan (Eli Brown), with a live stream and when few survivors remain, the crazy killers decide to make them hostages. Miraculously survived, Zoe uses survival techniques taught by her father, a former soldier, and she manages to escape, but feeling guilty for the other hostages, she decides to go back. By risking her own life, she tries to save as many students as possible, coming to face the same killers ...
Run Hide Fight (2020)

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