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Year: 2020
Time: 1h 45min
Quality: HD
The Sound of Philadelphia, a film directed by Jérémie Guez, tells a violent story of family ties, friendship and betrayal in an aggressive environment, like that of a Philadelphia ruled by the mafia. Peter (Matthias Schoenaerts) and his adoptive brother Michael (Joel Kinnaman) grew up here, welcomed into his family thirty years earlier, after his father died under unclear circumstances. They are hooligans too, like most of the people around them in their youth.
When years after their family's bloody past comes back to haunt them, the two men find themselves at the center of a violent settling of scores. This is how Peter will realize that, despite a strongly desired redemption, the mistakes of the past and of his predecessors are a burden on his shoulders, of which he seems unable to get rid of.
Brothers by Blood (2020)

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