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Year: 2020
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Country: USA
Time: 1h 37min
Director:Yuval Adler
Quality: HD
The Secret - The Hidden Truths, a film directed by Yuval Adler, is set after World War II, in America, and tells the story of Maja (Noomi Rapace), a woman who survived the tragedy of the Holocaust, who moves to a residential neighborhood of the States to start a new life in serenity with her husband (Chris Messina).
One day she hears someone whistling a very familiar tune, the same as the torturer who tortured her, her and her family during the war. Convinced that her neighbor (Joel Kinnaman) is just that sadist, she decides to kidnap him to take revenge for all the war crimes committed by the man. Meanwhile, her husband, aware of the plan, begins to doubt her wife so much that she thinks that Maja, still strongly shaken by what happened, is taking revenge on the wrong man ...
The Secrets We Keep (2020)

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