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Year: 2023
Country: Japan
Time: 1h
Quality: 4K
PLUTO (or:How I learned to DON'T stop worrying and DON'T love the bomb), a film directed by Renzo Carbonera, revolves around the delusions of Franco (Andrea Pennacchi), a former soldier who lives in an old fort from the First World War World championship abandoned in the middle of the mountains.
Among debris and war remains accumulated in over a century of wars and conflicts, he begins a hallucinatory mental journey that retraces episodes of his past mixed with apocalyptic theories linked to the fear of the unknown enemy. The atomic bomb, his great obsession throughout his life, embodies here his enemy to fight.
Complicit in this madness are his loneliness and his disorientation due to having lost everything over the years precisely because of his dedication to work. The years of the Cold War left within him the terror of imminent catastrophe, and now that the world is in chaos this nightmare comes back to haunt him more than ever.
Pluto (2023)

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