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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: Brazil
Time: 1h 51min
Quality: HD
First half of the movie is gold then from the point where they arrive at the farm one can stop watching because its just bad ..... It starts like a true blockbuster then it goes to a grade B movie and it pisses you off you wachet the first half of the movie just to get crap in the second half.

2 amazing actors: Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Tsuyoshi Ihara , manage to deliver amazing performance but the director and the rest of cast are week and the script is trash and not even this guys with there great performance can not save this trash of a movie and the talent of this two great actors is just waisted.

One should only watch half of the movie and it will not be desapointed .

Movie gived a first good half and it gets half of the stars .
Yakuza Princess (2021)

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