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Year: 2021
Country: South Korea
Time: 1h 54min
Director:Yong-Joo Lee
Quality: HD
Despite of two of well known South Korea actor and one of my Favorites actor Goong Yoo teamed up with young talented actor Park Bo Gum, this movie kinda wasted their talent, if is not because their acting and lets put other unknown actor in it, this movie sadly will fail horribly, even Goong Yo and Park Bo Gum can't save this movie with their performance, feel like the story don't know where to go, if i can call it as food, i call it as bland taste with great garnish, but you don't want taste it again because that bland taste despite beautiful garnish on top of the food, i almost forget as soon i walk away from cinema, like i watch thousand like this, but nothing new or come of as special from it, eventually there is not enough depth back-story that make me wanna root and feel empathy for main character, everything feel rushed and director doesn't know what their aim for, i feel it kinda try hard to questioning about life and death philosophy, but c'mon, can we doing better than Seo Book look like he just wanna show up his super power and another half between it just some talk about life and death crisis with Ki Heon, i give 2 star for story and add bonuses 3 star because i like Goong Yoo and Park Bo Gum, but now i feel pity for them because they even can't maximize their potential of great performance because bad script and mediocre dialogue inside the movie that make you wondering why you can't even remember just one meaningful dialog from this movie, but yeah, once again this what i call as bland movie, just watch this if sure you never witnessed any other Sci-Fi movie in your lifetime.
Seobok (2021)

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