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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 41min
Quality: HD

Ya RomComs are something I avoid at all costs. Theyre always the same and never ever anything that would play out in real life so why give you or your partner unrealistic expectations watching something that is just going to set you up for failure.. This movie SPONTANOUSly turned out to be something completely unexpected - REALLY Good and really funny. The romance part is underplayed and mostly the setup as an after thought for the perfectly timed witty one liners that are delivered spot on with real chemistry you can feel between the main actors. The movie is just a take on the traditional coming of age story and how everything when youre young seems like the end or the beginning of the world and with each death of a young persons dream life its never the end but just the transition to another dream of how life will play out.. I dont know if that makes sense to anyone reading this but it was a really great movie witty well acted and moves along at a good pace. It was this directors debut and I cant wait for more projects in the future to be made by them.. Great job
Spontaneous (2020)

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