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Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 2h 25min
Quality: HD
There are two themes in this movie, 1. Criminals transformation 2. Improving agriculture.

The issue is though both themes takes two parts of the movie and it doesn't go parallel to help the story as a whole to have a sense of relation. That's the biggest draw back I felt or else it could have been 7 to 8 rating movie.

They actually dragged the first half putting pointless scenarios which was disconnected. And second part more feels childish or probably trying to bring the comic element but failing to do so.

The second half is more for the hero's antics to impress heroine and how he can save his gang. That is like making criminals scapegoat to one's own fantasy and needs, while doing caring for them.

Villains against the hero you basically don't have much characterization rather than just menacing aggressive image. And there is less of an empathy built for those 100 gangs he is standing up for at the beginning. Even actress didn't had good character arc other than stiff image all the time and at the end sorting it out.

Its got a good overall performance in acting but story in second half is really hurts the movie. Ending is, Just Ok , because you expect what's going to happen!

There is a bodyguard in the movie who got an amazing height and build. The movie is as such, got good potential but doesn't make any sense why he is there at times. Lost chance but for Karthi fans definitely it's a mass entertainer. Go watch it in your near theaters.
Sultan (2021)

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