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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: United States
Time: 1h 30min
Director:Brandon Ho
Quality: HD
If you like the Beauty and the Beast retellings, this one is worth a watch. However, it still felt like something was lacking. The second half of the movie was definitely better than the first. I think that is largely due to the fact that the male lead's acting improves. Grant who plays 'the beast', does much better playing the good guy, than the bad. Izzy the beauty and her sister have good acting skills throughout the movie. As for the rest of the cast, they rate somewhere between a junior high play and an amateur acting class. The camera work is also shaky a couple times in the beginning.

As for the lacking aspect, I think Grant and Izzy needed more screen time during their community service projects. The chemistry was there underneath the surface, but the relationship also felt forced and rushed at times. If the audience had seen more conversations and interaction, the little amount of chemistry could've been fireworks. I mean, I can see why they fell for each other, IF I read between the lines. But I don't want to read between the lines. I want to see the romance play out. Instead, it was like Grant went from "ugh Izzy is ridiculous" to "I think I love her", from one scene to the next.

Overall, this movie is mediocre and not one that will stay with me very long. The great ones leave me wanting more and thinking about them for days after. There were some sweet scenes though.
Bookworm and the Beast (2021)

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