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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Time: 1h 12min
Quality: HD
25 years from the Homeland War, Croatia is far from the ideal of the then veterans, now disgruntled men silenced with pensions. Impoverished, depopulated, corrupt. A few war veterans are brought back together by an idea of a Museum of Homeland Thanksgiving in the old Paromlin building in Zagreb city centre. As construction has been halted, the veterans take over Paromlin. They respond to the police with threats of gas cylinders, and to the special forces with threats of weapons. An ex commander promises them a new location for the Museum, but they are played once again. The young men who took to defending the veterans, deeply disappointed by the way the authorities are treating the men who created Croatia, turn to the extreme right.
A bili smo vam dobri (2021)

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