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Year: 2020
Country: France
Time: 1h 56min
Quality: HD
Bronx is a Netflix original film directed by Olivier Marchal and set in Marseille, where the men of the criminal clan of the Bastiani course commit a real carnage in a beach bar. The investigation is entrusted to the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) - a special body of the French police - led by agent with unorthodox methods Richard Vronski (Lannick Gautry). The decision, however, does not seem to please Major Mario Costa (Moussa Maaskri), head of Vronski's rival section, the Banditry Suppression Brigade (BRB). Fortunately, it is in one of the moments of greatest tension between the two sections that the new police director, Ange Leonetti (Jean Reno), enters, in charge of bringing order to the city and to the district himself. Meanwhile, while an agitated and turbulent Marseille is the background, private and working life are dangerously intertwined: Barbara (Barbara Opsomer), the inspector's daughter, flirts with the BRI, the bosses of the northern districts threaten the courses, a witness Key is assassinated while under protection and the Inspectorate General has sent a very tenacious commander. To save their skin, Vronski and his men will then attempt to steal a drug delivery between the Corsicans and the Spaniards, unaware that they are initiating a catastrophic chain of events that will put everyone in danger ...
Rogue City (2020)

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