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Year: 2020
Country: Germany, France
Time: 1h 31min
Quality: HD
Undine - A love forever, a film directed by Christian Petzold, tells the story of a woman who works at the Märkisches Museum in Berlin as a historian. To visitors Undine (Paula Beer), this is the name of her, presents the urban development of the city in the gallery through the models that represent it, illustrating its different evolutionary stages that have made it the great capital of today.
One day a sudden misfortune strikes her life: her beloved Johannes (Jacob Matschenz) decides to leave her, breaking her promise of eternal love. Distraught and desperate, Undine meets diver Christoph (Franz Rogowski) in the museum bar and falls madly in love with him. This new love allows the woman to reinvigorate and rebuild herself, just like her Berlin, the city that never broke, getting back on its feet every time.
But what happened cannot be erased so easily and she Undine ends up stumbling upon that myth of European folklore that represents her. The undine that is in her must kill the one who betrayed her in order to then be able to swim free in the waters again.
Undine (2020)

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