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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: United States
Time: 1h 38min
Director:Tyler Wayne
Quality: HD
This could have been interesting and as a kind of mystery, "did he do it ?" it kind of works. Unfortunately there are so many negatives to the movie it just ends up being kind of pathetic. The story itself is horribly dark, yet the movie itself keeps shifting tones and when it tries to be somewhat comical it veers into bad taste. The acting is very uneven and some of the parts are not well written. Strangely the best written character is not the lead and Andrew Lauer really shines in this role. In fact he steals the movie and considering the subject matter, maybe he shouldn't ? The biggest problem with the movie is that it plays like some kind of not well written TV show, only longer. In no way is it based in any kind of reality, the police came across as completely fake "only in a movie" type cops and ultimately it becomes preposterous. I would never watch this again. And for it's very tragic story, it just wasn't well done enough for me to feel anything.
Goodbye, Butterfly (2021)

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