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Year: 2021
Country: USA, UK, China, Malaysia
Time: 1h 44min
Quality: HD
I loved the atmosphere of the trailer and wasn't disappointed by the movie. The subject it tackles is vast and cannot be packed into less than 2 hours.

I cannot attest to the historical accuracy of the movie though it's based on true characters and events.

The film captures the mood of the jungle and a man running away from himself perfectly.

The cinematography and soundtrack were brilliant. Where it stumbles a bit, rather than fall is the screenplay, the native people's portrayal was a bit too one dimensional as is the relationship with the lead character's love. I would've loved the film to explore it more. There is enough material in the story to have made a full season TV show.

Overall an 8/10 movie by me and a solid jungle adventure flick, 2 stars less for not fleshing out the other characters which could've made the movie brilliant.
Edge of the World (2021)

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