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Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 2h 18min
Quality: HD
I would like to request some of the misinformed reviewers or users to do a proper research before calling this a Korean remake. Playback's first teaser came in Dec 2019, where as The Call movie is released in Nov 2020. Playback release got delayed due to Corona.

Understand the meaning of a remake or fremake. Cross time connection is a plot point used in multiple movies in World Cinema. Same with Time travel or Amnesia. That doesn't mean all are copied from each other. The only common element in all these movies (Frequency or Mirage or The Call or Playback) is cross time connection. Nothing else. Not the plot or screenplay or even the device used. So please exercise caution before using terms like copied or remake or freemake. Be responsible and accountable for what you write as a review.

Playback is a genuine attempt done by their makers to introduce a new genre in Telugu Cinema. Atleast be proud of that, instead of doing some routine mill of a movie. If the same movie had come in some other language, we would have praised them to heavens.

The team of Playback is comprised of new comers with lot of hopes pinned on this movie. They toiled for 2 years to make this movie and get it released. They have no big banner or heroes to have a wide release. Yet, they came until here.

So if you can't encourage them, atleast don't discourage them. It pains a lot when your hard work gets labeled as a copy or remake, just because of some half knowledge reviewers or users.
Play Back (2021)

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