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Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 1h 53min
Quality: HD
Joji (Fahadh Faasil) an engineering dropout, is the youngest son of wealthy plantation owner, Panachel Kuttappan (Sunny PN), a widower. Joji along with brothers, Jomon (Baburaj) and Jaison (Joji Mundakayam), lead a life of fear under their dominating father. The family also includes Jaison's wife Bincy (Unnimaya Prasad) and Jomon's teenage son Popy (Alistair Alex).They live in a vast house in the middle of sizable plantation in high ranges of Covid ridden Kerala. While Joji looks meek among his father and brothers, he appears to share a bond with Bincy and Popy.

Though Kuttappan is 74 years old, he is very fit and is very much in charge of family affairs. Jomon, a divorcee, aids him in agriculture in their vast estate, while Jaison manages their businesses in town. Joji is running unsuccessful ventures, the remains of the latest one is a white horse tied in the planatation. He is financially dependent on Kuttappan who is physically abusive of a physically weak Joji. Bincy manages the household chores and is always shown to be occupied in the kitchen.

A pond is being dug in the family yard by workers including Gireesh and Thotta Sudhi. Kuttappan manages to pull out a heavy valve stuck in the pond, but suffers a stroke in the process. A close relative of the family Dr. Felix (Shammi Thilakan) discusses with his fellow doctors and comes to the conclusion that Kuttappan is paralyzed and there is little hope of improvement in his condition. With Kuttappan expected to pass away soon, family members in the house begin to live stress free lives and start spending money from their savings accounts. Things look brighter even for Joji as he manages to sell his horse after showing it off to buyers in the family's yard. Popy and Joji also lavishes money on a toy drone using Kuttappan's credit card.
Joji (2021)

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