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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 51min
Director:Vaughn Stein
Quality: HD
Inheritance, a film directed by Vaughn Stein, tells the story of a rich and powerful New York family who, upon the death of the patriarch, must deal with a murky and dangerous secret. It was 2008 when New York tycoon Archer Monroe (Patrick Warburton) died suddenly, leaving his vast legacy to his family, consisting of his wife Catherine (Connie Nielsen) and children: William (Chace Crawford), an unscrupulous politician running for re-election, and Lauren (Lily Collins), a young district attorney from Manhattan. In reality, the latter is given only a paltry part of the fortune that is due to her, along with a mysterious note containing coordinates. Lauren decides to go to the indicated place and discovers a bunker, apparently abandoned, owned by her father. Intrigued, the woman descends inside the basement, making an unexpected and dramatic discovery: in one room there is a man held prisoner. The individual, not at all frightened or agitated, introduces himself to the woman as Morgan Warner (Simon Pegg) and reveals that he was held captive in that bunker for 30 years by Archer - of whom he was once a colleague - for witnessing the murder and the concealment of the corpse of a pedestrian by the man, who over time has confessed to Morgan numerous secrets that if leaked would ruin the whole family forever ...
Inheritance (2020)

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