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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: HD
Connected, a film directed by Mike Rianda and Jeff Rowe, tells the story of Katie Mitchell, a teenage outsider who is admitted to the school of her dreams, that of cinema. On the first day of class, the girl's father, Rick, decides that the whole family will accompany the girl on her first day of school, driving through the country. All the Mitchells get together and, in addition to Katie and her dad, the optimistic mom Linda, the eccentric brother Aaron and Monchi, a funny plump pug, get in the car. During the journey to the new institute, the family discovers that a technological revolt is taking place across the planet: devices, smartphones, robots, appliances and everything else are rebelling.
The Mitchells, together with two crumbling robots, will try to save the world, while trying to overcome their personal problems.
Connected (2020)

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