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Year: 2021
Country: Sweden
Time: 1h 26min
Director:Alain Darborg
Quality: HD
Red Dot, the film directed by Alain Darborg, follows the story of a young couple who see their holiday in the Swedish snow turn into a nightmare.
David (Anastasios Soulis) and Nadja (Nanna Blondell) are facing a difficult time in their relationship. After discovering that Nadja is expecting a baby, they decide to go on a hike in the mountains of Northern Sweden with the intention of giving a new stimulus to their failed relationship. However, things do not go as expected. After having a fight with two local hunters, the vacation will soon turn into a terrible adventure. The red dot of a laser sight begins to haunt them. Mysterious snipers begin to literally target the young couple who will be forced to flee into the desert, haunted by both the hunters and their own past that will slowly come to the surface.
Red Dot (2021)

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