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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 2h 3min
Quality: HD
Cut Throat City, a film directed by RZA, tells the story of four longtime friends who return to their native New Orleans neighborhood after the disasters caused by Hurricane Katrina. The Lower Ninth Ward area is decimated and still devastated, and the government seems to have forgotten its citizens. As a result, honest work is in short supply while crime is rampant. After searching in vain, the four friends just have to turn to a local gangster, who convinces them to participate in a robbery at the local casino run by Jackson Symms (Ethan Hawke) to make some money. Unfortunately the blow does not go well and the protagonists are forced to flee. But things go from bad to worse when, in addition to having two stubborn detectives on their heels, they discover that the boss of the neighborhood - The Saint (Terrence Howard) - is on their trail and looking for revenge because he is convinced that the four have make a plan to escape with his money ...
Cut Throat City (2020)

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