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Year: 2024
Time: 1h 40m
Director:Kevin Sorbo
Quality: 4K
Miracle in East Texas tells the true story of two con men, T. S. Denison and Joe L. Ennis, who teamed up to pull off one of the biggest oil scams in Texas history. Set during the Great Depression, the film follows the duo as they convince an entire town that they have discovered a massive oil reserve on land owned by the local church.
As the scheme unfolds, the two men must navigate the dangerous world of Texas oil tycoons, law enforcement, and even the Klu Klux Klan in order to keep their deception afloat. But as the pressure mounts and their lies begin to unravel, they are forced to confront the consequences of their actions and decide whether the riches they seek are worth the cost.
Directed by Kevin Sorbo, Miracle in East Texas is a thrilling and emotional story of greed, redemption, and the power of faith in the face of overwhelming odds. With standout performances from the lead actors and stunning cinematography capturing the beauty of rural Texas, this film is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good underdog story.
Miracle in East Texas (2024)

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