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Year: 2023
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Country: Italy
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: 4K
Everybody Loves Diamonds is an Italian TV series created by Stefano Bises (Gomorrah: The Series, ZeroZeroZero), Michele Astori (The Mafia Only Kills in Summer) and Bernardo Pellegrini. A heist drama with comedic twists, it follows the events of a deranged group of thieves led by Leonardo Notarbartolo (played by Kim Rossi Stuart), who, with an ingenious plan, manages to circumvent the cutting-edge security system of the Antwerp Diamond Center of Antwerp and steal precious stones worth millions of dollars.
There is chaos in the city on the cold morning of February 15, 2003. If the theft is a hard blow for the entire nation, for the leaders of the Diamond Center and the head of the Diamond Police, Albert Mertens (Johan Heldenbergh, The Lady from the Warsaw Zoo ), it's an awakening in hell. In the national and international news there is nothing else talked about: who dared so much? That's what Mertens will have to discover. And quickly too.
From assistant to a large Jewish diamond dealer to creator of such a visionary project, Leonardo never gave up his vocation for theft. To carry out the coup he had in mind, he could only turn to people he considered trustworthy: Ghigo (Gian Marco Tognazzi, Nothing remains but crime), an expert in burglar alarms and a long-time friend; Sandra (Carlotta Antonelli, Bang Bang Baby), a very young master of locks, especially since she had to take charge of the hardware store of her father, who ended up in prison for a robbery gone wrong; and Alberto (Leonardo Lidi, The Incredible Story of the Rose Island), his hacker half-brother. A perfect band and a successful coup. So who was it that betrayed Leonardo?
The series also stars Anna Foglietta (The Mafia Only Kills in Summer), Rupert Everett (The Name of the Rose), Malcolm McDowell (Halloween), Synnøve Macody Lund (Ragnarok), Remo Girone (The Octopus), Jean Janssens, Issam Dakka (Baptiste), Peter Van Den Begin (The Twelve Jurors), Elia Schilton (The Vertical Line), Slavko Sobin (Django) and Athaya Mokonzi (Lupin).

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Everybody Loves Diamonds (2023)

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