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Year: 2023
Country: Japan
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: 4K
The Good Mothers is an Italian TV series based on the bestseller of the same name by Alex Perry awarded by the Foreign Press Association, itself based on a true story. Adapted for the screen by BAFTA nominee Stephen Butchard (Bagdad Central, The Last Kingdom), the crime drama chronicles the 'Ndrangheta from an unusual point of view: that of the women who dared to challenge her.
Gaia Girace (My Brilliant Friend), Valentina Bellè (Catch-22, I Medici) and Simona Distefano (The Traitor) are respectively the seventeen-year-old Denise Cosco and the thirty-year-old Giuseppina Pesce and Maria Concetta Cacciola, three women who dare to oppose the 'Ndrangheta . To help them is the PM Anna Colace (Barbara Chichiarelli, Suburra: The series), who has dreamed of annihilating the mafia since she was a little girl. Judge in Milan and then Gip in Calabria, Anna conducted an in-depth study of the 'Ndrangheta, identifying the organization's structural weakness. Despite its patriarchal structure, it is women who run the whole machine. Yet, abuse and mistreatment are the order of the day; women have no right to a life of their own, to freedom. She therefore has an intuition: she will have to bet on them if she wants to bring it down. But it is a strategy that involves great risks, because the 'Ndrangheta is known and feared for its iron fist and insidious power.
Daughter of the boss Carlo Cosco (Francesco Colella, ZeroZeroZero), Denise had been removed from that world by her mother Lea Garofalo (Micaela Ramazzotti, Crazy Joy), who wanted a life for her without escapes and without hiding. When tragedy overwhelms her, Alice immediately understands how things went and she finds in herself the strength to act as Lea did. Giuseppina belongs to one of the most powerful 'ndrine but she is furious at never being taken seriously, at the limiting life she is forced into, that her husband is respected more than her. She, who knows everything about the organization's business, is especially furious at the end of her three children and now she is determined to get a better life for herself and for them. Giuseppina's best friend, Maria Concetta is very different from her and has always kept out of men's affairs. Also a mother, she has always been treated shamefully by the family, even finding herself walled up in the house for weeks. In her, as in the others, Anna sees a strong witness, someone with whom to strike a huge blow to the organization.

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The Good Mother (2023)

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