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Year: 2023
Time: 1h 30min
Director:Conor Allyn
Quality: 4K
In the Fire, a film directed by Conor Allyn, tells the story of Grace (Amber Heard), an American psychiatrist, widow and with children. When the mother of a disturbed boy, Martin (Lorenzo McGovern Zaini), contacts her worried about her son, the doctor leaves New York for a farm in Colombia. Her mother tells her how the local priest and some farmers repeatedly accused her son of being the devil, after some inexplicable events occurred in the area.
Upon her arrival, Grace discovers that the young man's mother is dead and that her father (Eduardo Noriega) also believes that her son is the victim of possible demonic possession. The psychiatrist takes care of Martin, attempting a psychoanalysis on him, while the nefarious winds intensify more and more. While the woman tries to save the boy from the peasants' fury, she begins a struggle between science and religion with the local priest, who believes Martin is the cause of all the evils in the village. During the care of the young man, however, Grace becomes convinced that something is actually happening in the "hacienda" and that her nature is truly evil and supernatural ...
In the Fire (2023)

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