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Year: 2023
Country: United States
Time: 1h 39m
Director:Numa Perrier
Quality: 4K
The Perfect Find - Anything really is possible, the film directed by Numa Perrier, is the story of Jenna (Gabrielle Union), a young woman who moves to New York to start a new life.
Left unemployed and single, Jenna decides to take a job for Darcy (Gina Torres), a New York fashion magnate, also famous for her impossible character. With no other choice and wanting to work in the fashion world, the woman bends to Darcy's strict demands and makes the best of a bad situation.
To spice up her new life in the city, she goes out with friends and turns to nightlife. One evening at a club, she meets Eric (Keith Powers), a boy much younger than her, and a strong attraction develops between the two of her. The age difference doesn't seem to be a problem, the real obstacle comes when Jenna discovers that Eric is the son of her ruthless employer.
When he starts working with her, the two try to hide her relationship but Darcy finds out everything about her and prevents Jenna from dating her son.
Terribly in crisis because she is in love with Eric, but also with his work, Jenna will have to make a very difficult decision ...
The Perfect Find (2023)

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