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Year: 2020
Time: 1h 45min
Director:Aneil Karia
Quality: HD
This is a nicely tempered movie about a man working at at an airport security check having a nervous breakdown and finally going over the edge. The ensuing mad rampage through London could have been worse but the directors kept their cool and made it all about believability. Their ace card was Ben Whishaw. I don't think I've ever seen a similar role played with such complete mastery. What a talent.

As others have said, don't let other reviews about 'shaky camera' put you off. The camera accurately mirrored the madness the protagonist was descending into. How else can a visual storytelling convey he whirl of random thoughts spinning around his head and driving him insane?

Hollywood would have taken this script and produced an entirely different take on it. Probably with lots of blood and guts. So I say 'fair play' to the actual producers and director for not falling into that repetitive formula.
Surge (2020)

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