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Year: 2020
Country: India
Time: 2h 30min
Director:Anurag Basu
Quality: HD
I change everything !, a film directed by Guido Chiesa, is the story of Giulia (Valentina Lodovini), a 40-year-old woman who is very poised and polite, but surrounded by people who cause her a continuous malaise. She is forced to put up with her fellow painter Raf (Dino Abbrescia), who - in addition to being a complete nerd - is a parasite. Even at work things do not go well, Giulia is continually harassed by the provocations of her new boss, the young and immature Valerio (Andrea Pisani), who never misses an opportunity to remind her that she is getting old. Then there is her best friend of hers, very focused on herself, and a 20-year-old influencer, Ludo (Valeria Perri), without a minimum of culture with which she has to collaborate professionally.
Her constant self-control without ever letting off steam and her hectic life come to cause her a stress breakdown. The woman then decides to rely on the care of a holistic counselor (Neri Marcorè) and, once the therapy is completed, Giulia's nervous breakdown seems to have vanished. But the effects of the treatment will be truly extraordinary, because the 40-year-old will totally change her attitude. This is how Giulia begins to say everything that goes through her head and that she has kept within herself until then, without any filter ...
Ludo (2020)

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