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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Time: 1h 36min
Director:Ruth Platt
Quality: HD
The movie ran a little bit on the slow side, but maintained it's creepy atmosphere. Its not a bad story line but It's very British. I'm a firm believer that you have to be both like and understand the dry British wit, humor, and culture to enjoy any British film. A lot of Americans don't have that ability. Case in point, the reviewer from earlier this evening who gave the film 1 star and stopped watching because of a black female Bishop. For his, and everyone's information, the church represented in the movie is not the Roman Catholic Church. It's the Anglican Church of England. In the jolly ol C of E, they began ordaining their first women into the priesthood in 1994. So, it is entirely possible that they have a Bishop whom is both female and black. The C of E also allows their priests to get married and have families. So it is also very possible that the girls father is a priest in good standing. Despite all that. With any horror movie it's a good rule of thumb not to think too deeply or take it too seriously and try to enjoy the scary stuff.
Martyrs Lane (2021)

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