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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 26min
Director:Brea Grant
Quality: HD
A dark solid wicked black comedy has been born, with inquests of deep desperation and twist to stay boyant in the water. that combined with a very unusual choice of score, rythmic opera made the madness even deeper like a turmoil of hell.

its about organ trafficking at a hospital in usa, the nurse and her in law cousin with connections to the mob , supply them with fresh kidney for a hand of doe. one night suddenly a kidneys goes missing when delivery is done, and the saga tell you the chaotic brawl to get a new one within 2 hours.

its a lowbudget film, but extremely well made. just some technical glitches here and there, with the darn daylight. its blood and gore, its witty caracters are so well acted by the small cast, and the production design along with good direction, makes this a charade at level of the british ''faulty towers'' but far more bloody and messy.

it aint a horror movie, ita a bloody comedy, and if you like one brain and a lot of brainless caracter in one go, then its a recommend from the grumpy old man
12 Hour Shift (2020)

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