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Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1h 21min
Quality: HD
Is the first thing that comes to my mind after watching this failgengred mystery thriller, that actually is a big black comedy, made on a subtle budget, with a small cast, and a claw itching rapper that tries to spin the records around in a ghostown somewhere u.s. Southwest.

Its taken to the limits at allparts of the production, the acting is durable and hits the funfactor more than once, its also an ironic kick in the calves of jurrasic moviemaking, except that this is people that has done their lesson, behind the light and camera, screwing togetheran urban interface outtin nowhere, with specialeffects worth a million on the dusin, and an acting crew whos dna was made for a film like this.

Its a at moments hilarious family actioncomedy funfare made on a buck and stamina, youll either get scared away by the intro music or the trailer, but give it a try is the grumpy old mans advice.there are still hope for the lilliputs in the silverscreen landscape.
Claw (2021)

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