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Year: 2021
Country: USA, Iceland, UK
Time: 1h 32min
Quality: HD
Behind the curtain, they use an american smalltown, with american actors, speaking the esperanto wannabe language english, to reach the highest amount of people to see and understand their message. No wonder, Icelandic is a tricky language to read , learn and to speak, and having worked alongside icelandic healthcaretakers for years its one of the weirdest languages in the world, next to finnish and some asian and tribal african ones . But im not a linguist, nor a reviewer, and this is a guess i guess...

but its a very nice film product, the production design, the camerawork and editing, for the film composed music is indeed of high quality. The story, caracter build up and how its plotted, with a slowburning development of action may be enough to loose interest. Also some glitches in some of the hdcam shoots in the start of the film , but thats the only flaw to mention.

Its a story about young females being kidnapped, and women found killed in a small town outtin nowhere. A detective engages a near soloinvestigation to sniff the trails of the missing women. They do have acommon denomination, being students under a sociologyproffesor at a nearby education facility.

So its a story about being held in captivity, about revenge, extreme narcississm, slavery, torture, rape and murder. Its all a kind of social experiment, that reflects childhood experiences done by the culprit due to selfexperienced situations, and doctor pavlov comes to my mind while viewing.

The cast do their work, the main male actors do a splendid deliveranse, though the female counterparts just above or at average, strained by the scripted role theyre acting. There are some inconsistensies for the triffled viewer especially near the end, where running with 2 minutes lead with a rifle at gunpoint seemingly cant outcompete a huntsmans composed easy walking.

But dont let that bother you whether seeing it or not. Its a good smallcast low cost icelandic filmexperiment in the action, thriller, mystery -genre. The grumpy old man have seen better destillates, but its a well proofed result. Recommended.
Women (2021)

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