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Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 2h 7min
Quality: HD
Telugu movies have been long flooded by find all emotion Khichdis with very binary representation of people being good and bad, being very far away from real life in the process

Consider this movie as a pioneer of the welcome change happening with the industry where the characters including the protagonist are selfish, deceitful, uninformed - basically flawed. A pure engaging story which doesn't try to be preachy or over the top idolization.

Abhiram's friend circle shows the nuances of the dynamic unlike the typical movie rallying of some morons around a hero whose JD is just to praise him and get abused.

There is no love story, no over the top dialogues, destination songs or a mastermind who secretly influences everyone with a grand reveal at the end.

It's narration of an engaging 2 hour story relatable to reality. It's a tough thing to do and kudos to the makers for pulling if off.
Pachchis (2021)

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