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Year: 2021
Country: USA, UK
Time: 1h 21min
Quality: HD
Here we watch a man go insane from being in solitary confinement too long, hoping to enter or return to general population by signing a written confession of his crime to the warden of all people.

Was there no budget to hire a consultant of any kind? Even people who rarely watch movies or pay attention to news articles understand the basics of incarceration... There's jail and there's prison. You do your sentence in prison, and you go to court from jail. If the sentences are shorter than 2-3 years, sometimes you do it in jail. This movie said our hero here was in SHU (segregated housing unit AKA the hole), which is exclusive to prison, as is the term general population. Somehow we are to believe he was sentenced directly to SHU in prison from jail, but none of this is explained. Also we see basically one single guard on duty the entire time, as if she doesn't sleep or go home, and dozens of other glaring inaccuracies I can't list without spoiling the plot.

Big meh.
Caged (2021)

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