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Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time: 1h 35min
Quality: HD
Blue Miracle - Fishing for a Dream, a film directed by Julio Quintana, tells the story of the Mexican orphanage known as Casa Hogar, which was completely destroyed in 2014 due to Hurricane Odile, which struck Baja California. The tragic event devastated the souls of the boys who lived there, but not that of Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), the director of the orphanage, a good and kind man with a smile always on his face.
Omar has a brilliant idea: to enter three of his boys in Bisby's Black & Blue Tournament, the fishing competition in which you can win a big cash prize. If they manage to win, with that money they can rebuild the institution without any problems. To participate in the competition, however, you need a boat and Omar is forced to turn to Captain Wade (Dennis Quaid), a gruff man who agrees to lend them his boat on one pact: to have half the prize in case of victory. This is how the director and his three boys embark, pushing offshore to catch the biggest fish and experiencing what will prove to be a fantastic adventure.
Blue Miracle (2021)

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