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Year: 2021
Country: Canada, Hungary, USA
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: HD
Dune, a film directed by Denis Villeneuve, is set in the distant future, controlled by an interstellar empire, in which there is a sort of feudalism and each fiefdom is governed by a noble house. It tells the story of young Paul (Thimothée Chalamet), scion of the Atreides family, who moves to the inhospitable planet Arrakis, known as Dune, together with his father, Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac), his mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and some advisers. Leto took over the planet in hopes of finding a safe place, suitable for his family and community. Dune, however, is under the crosshairs of all the forces of the universe, determined to obtain its dominion for a rarity that grows only on its soil. It is a precious resource, existing only here, which allows those who possess it to unlock the greatest human potential; in fact, those who take this spice can travel in space, gain superhuman abilities and can live longer. The extraction of this raw material, however, is not only hindered by the various enemies of Leto, who will try to set him more than one trap, but also by enormous sand worms and by the Fremen, a native people of Dune, who inhabit the most deserts. deep in the planet.
Furthermore, the exclusive control of this raw material will trigger a real war, but only those who manage to overcome their fears and survive on Dune will be able to obtain the most coveted substance in the universe. Young Paul, unaware of his fate, will find himself at the center of this clash, during which he will accomplish great deeds.
Dune (2021)

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