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Year: 2020
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Country: Canada, Ireland
Time: 1h 41min
Quality: HD
My Salinger Year, directed by Philippe Falardeau, is set in New York in the 90s and tells the story of Joanna (Margaret Qualley), a young aspiring writer, who left the university to try to emerge in the literary world. The girl manages to get a job as an assistant to Margaret (Sigourney Weaver), the literary agent of JD Salinger, who boasts among her authors a flagship, the JD Salinger of "The Young Holden", who lives deliberately from secluded and away from the limelight.
Joanna has a very important task: to answer the mountain of letters that the writer receives every day from his fans. The answer consists of a standard model, totally impersonal, which from time to time the young woman must adapt with the name of the fan on duty. Reading the emotion and esteem that people convey with their words, the girl refuses to adopt the response imposed by the agency and - hidden from Margaret's stern and inquisitive gaze - responds to readers in a more original way, personalizing the letters. But this idea of ​​her, brilliant and at the same time risky, will have consequences, each one different from the other ...
My Salinger Year (2020)

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