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Year: 2020
Country: UK, USA
Time: 1h 44min
Director:Danis Tanovic
Quality: HD
The Postcard Killings, directed by Danis Tanovic, stars the New York detective Jacob Kanon (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who finds himself having to investigate the most difficult and heartbreaking case of his life: the murder of his beloved daughter. In fact, it seems that the girl was murdered with her husband while they were on their honeymoon in London and that her bodies were moved by the killer in apparently meaningless positions. Jacob, destroyed, is urged by his wife Valerie (Famke Janssen) to take the reins of the case and thus learns that the Swedish art critic Dessie Larsson (Cush Jumbo) has received mysterious postcards, from what is assumed be the killer. Arriving in Europe, the detective discovers from the authorities that his daughter and husband are not the only couple the killer has got his hands on, but that the killer has already hit and will continue to do so as announced in the letters sent to the critics. The mystery deepens when Jacob and Dessie realize that the man they are looking for is inspired by some works of art for his murders.
The Postcard Killings (2020)

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