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Year: 2024
Country: Canada
Time: 1h 41m
Director:Josh Webber
Quality: 4K
"Athena Saves Christmas" is a heartwarming holiday film directed by Josh Webber. The story follows Athena, a brilliant and resourceful young girl who goes on a magical adventure to save Christmas.

When Santa Claus's sleigh encounters a malfunction due to a mischievous elf, Christmas is thrown into jeopardy. Desperate to ensure that children around the world have their presents on time, Santa calls upon Athena for help.

Armed with her intelligence and determination, Athena embarks on a quest to find the missing piece of Santa's sleigh. Along the way, she encounters mythical creatures, overcomes treacherous obstacles, and forms unlikely friendships.

With her unwavering spirit and quick thinking, Athena sets out to spread the true meaning of Christmas to those she meets on her journey. From teaching kindness and generosity to reuniting estranged families, Athena's mission goes beyond just saving Christmas.

As the clock ticks down, Athena races against time to bring back the missing piece and save the holiday for everyone. Will she succeed in her mission and restore the holiday cheer in time for Christmas morning?

"Athena Saves Christmas" is a magical and heartfelt film that combines adventure, humor, and the importance of empathy. With Josh Webber's direction, the movie weaves a captivating story that reminds us of the power of believing in the magic of Christmas and the extraordinary ways one person can make a difference.
Athena Saves Christmas (2024)

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