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Year: 2023
Country: United States
Time: 1h 48m
Director:Pierre Morel
Quality: 4K
Freelance, the film directed by Pierre Morel, stars Mason Petit (John Cena), a former special forces agent.
When he decided to get married and dedicate himself to his family, Mason retired from the army. He bought a house, took care of his children and led the life of a typical American family. Tired of embodying the stereotype of the exemplary father and husband, he feels the need to get back into action and get back into the game. When the opportunity arises to participate in a maximum security mission, Mason accepts the assignment.
He is tasked with protecting a journalist (Alison Brie) who must interview a ruthless dictator (Juan Pablo Raba). The interview is at very high risk and while the woman is in the company of the terrible despot, a military coup breaks out.
Mason, the journalist and the dictator run for their lives and the only alternative they have is to cross the jungle. The three must face a tough fight for survival...
Freelance (2023)

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