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Year: 2022
Genre: Crime / New Movie
Country: United States
Time: 1h 30m
Director:Chey Loran
Quality: HD
Three young beautiful woman; Olivia, Nikki, and Sasha, trying to better their lives after doing a job that they never expected to be doing, come up with a plan to steal from their dangerous boss; Sebastian, who has every cop and gangsta in the city working for him. The girl's plan doesn't go as planned and Olivia, Sasha and Nikki get into something much bigger than they thought possible. They have to come up with another plan to escape from their original plan, but things change for one of the girls that makes her want to back out of the original plan. A few days later after Olivia, Nikki and Sasha have pulled off their first plan to a certain degree, people are being killed and stalked left and right. Olivia, Nikki and Sasha have no idea who to trust and even Sebastian doesn't know who to trust either, since everyone wants to turn on him and become their own boss. Sebastian has lost control of his city and he needs a way to gain his city back. Little does anyone know that Sebastian is not the only mob boss in the city, and the girls have to find out who the real monster is. Who is the real mob boss of the city? Who really did kill all of these innocent people? Who is the corrupt one of the city? Who will survive the monster?
Grim (2022)

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