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Year: 2022
Time: 1h 45m
Director:Peggy Holmes
Quality: HD
Luck, directed by Peggy Holmes, tells the story of Sam Greenfield, the most unfortunate person in the world, until one day he picks up a lucky penny from the ground. His life suddenly changes thanks to good luck, but Sam makes a serious mistake: he dumps the penny in a toilet. Suddenly the unfortunate bursts into her life again and Sam finds himself once again haunted by it.
When she runs into the cat Bob, one of the inhabitants of the Land of Fortune, on the street and she discovers that she is able to speak, she decides to follow him. This is how she ends up in her world of hers, where humans are not allowed and none of them have ever set foot there. Two teams act in this magical land, that of good luck and that of bad luck, which condition and secretly regulate the life of each of us every day. Sam's presence in the Land of Fortune, however, will cause several disasters and it will be up to the same unfortunate girl to solve them before it's too late ...
Luck (2022)

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