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Year: 2021
Country: Norway, Germany
Time: 1h 49m
Quality: HD
A documentary made for the fans, with a strong nod to those who will seek out their catalogue after viewing. With a large nod to Ron Howard's Beatles doc, Thomas Robsahm has opened the a-ha box and has shown everyone the pains of when 3 of the most talented musicians ever, collide to make timeless classic pop music with 3 different directions.

What the non-fans will admire from the doc is the raw talent from an early age - Mags learning keyboards in just a few weeks - the record breaking crowds, the solo projects and how 3 close friends ultimately respect each other - even when not liking each other.

What the fans will see is a dark picture of pain, distrust, lack of empathy and a drive to be World Famous - but then deciding fame wasn't for them at all.

It's a very well put together timeline which intersperses with old and new footage, rehearsals, recordings and not a single interview of the band together. You'll love it.
a-ha: The Movie (2021)

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