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Year: 2022
Genre: New Movie / Action
Country: United States
Time: 1h 45m
Director:Wes Miller
Quality: HD
There is no amount of bad acting, washed-up has-beens, pointless car chases, and poorly-choreographed shoot-outs that can save this story.

I don't know what crimes Bruce Willis has committed that force him to make these awful films, but can't he just pick up trash along the highway in an orange jumpsuit like other deadbeats?

If I were a Hollywood producer looking to hire writers, my first question to them would be how many books they have read in the last year. If that number is less than twenty or fifty, I'd excuse them and go on to the next candidates. The knuckleheads who wrote this trash probably do nothing more than watch movies and crappy TV every day so that everything they write sounds like everything you've already heard before.

Leave out Bruce Willis and give the money you save to a decent writer.
A Day to Die (2022)

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