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Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1 hour 26 minutes
Quality: HD
When I saw the cover/poster for this 2021 movie titled "Planet Dune", I immediately thought that it could be nothing else than a mockbuster from The Asylum. And yeah, of course I had to watch it on the odd chance that it would actually be an interesting enough movie.

And as it turned out then this was very much indeed a movie from The Asylum, of course it was. And yeah, it was of course a mockbuster. But it should be said, actually, that "Planet Dune" was one of the more interesting and watchable of movies from the sinkhole that is The Asylum. So "Planet Dune" was actually not on level with their usual rubbish.

Sure, this was blatantly a rip off of the Frank Herbert story and off of the 2021 movie "Dune". No doubt about it. In fact, writers Lauren Pritchard and Joe Roche weren't even bothering trying to disguise it as something else. This was just straight up a copy, for better or worse.

Now, the storyline in "Planet Dune" was pretty straight forward. Sure, it wasn't as grand as in the "Dune" movie, but it wasn't actually all that shabby when it comes to it. I was actually adequately entertained by what directors Glenn Campbell and Tammy Klein dished out in "Planet Dune".

Visually then "Planet Dune" wasn't all that bad. Sure, this was by no means top of the line CGI to rival Hollywood blockbusters, but it was fairly good for a movie by The Asylum. So it seems that the people at The Asylum are upping their game.

The acting performances in "Planet Dune" were fair. Nothing outstanding to be experienced here, though. But the actors and actresses did good enough jobs with their given roles. I wasn't familiar with a single performer on the cast list, however.

All in all, then "Planet Dune" is watchable, and actually among some of the more interesting and successful of movies from The Asylum.

My rating of "Planet Dune" lands on a five out of ten stars.
Planet Dune (2021)

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