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Year: 2022
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: HD
Moonfall, directed by Roland Emmerich, is an apocalyptic film that tells what would happen if the Moon lost its orbit around the Earth, due to a mysterious force acting on it. Having lost its rotational motion, the satellite is on a direct collision course towards our planet, which would lead to the end of the human race and the total destruction of the Earth.
Former astronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry), who works with NASA, seems to have found a solution to the problem, capable of saving everyone. Too bad that the violent impact is only a few weeks away and the only ones to give credit to her thesis are astronaut and colleague Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and a conspiracy theorist, KC Houseman (John Bradley).
Despite little faith in Fowler's proposed operation, the three are determined to lead the mission. Once in space, however, they will discover something unimaginable, which until now the human being has always ignored: the Moon, in truth, is not exactly what we have believed for centuries and centuries.
Moonfall (2022)

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