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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: Italy
Time: 1h 20min
Director:Elisa Amoruso
Quality: HD
Time is Up, a film directed by Elisa Amoruso, tells the story of two teenagers, Vivien (Bella Thorne) and Roy (Benjamin Mascolo), who have very little in common, indeed they are completely opposite.
She is an excellent student, she excels in every subject, particularly in physics, and she hopes one day to enter one of the best American universities. Unfortunately, however, the young woman does not live her life to the full, convinced that happiness can be postponed to the near future and that the present must focus everything on study.
He is a problematic young man, who carries the weight of a trauma experienced in childhood, with which he is unable to deal and who returns to torment him on time.
Despite having opposite personalities, an accident will lead them to reflect on their life and get closer, until they live the present without hesitation and fall madly in love with each other.
Time Is Up (2021)

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