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Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1h 40min
Director:Amber Sealey
Quality: HD
Amber Sealey's No man of god focus is more on Ted bundy and FBI agent bill's relation rather than the crimes he committed. This one is nowhere close to the level of Mindhunter series probing tactics, as this one lacks that striking or engrossing conversations to tuck in. I read and aware of the fact that, director wanted to give this flick a different touch by being grounded and emphasizing more on Bill - Ted bonding , I get it and appreciate Amber for churning it out the way she wanted , however barring final 20 minutes and couple of scenes in the middle, failed to pack a punch.

Eerie and haunting score. Both Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby performances made me sit through till the end, especially Luke as Ted is incredible. In the last act, Luke showed his rage and changed the momentum, had they maintained the similar tone in the earlier acts, this one would've been a crazy ride. Best scene for me in the movie is the one where Bill and Ted completely gets into some zone while unraveling the info and this is where the movie reaches it peak. It is engaging but not effective. Overall, decent- good watch!!
No Man of God (2021)

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