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Year: 2021
Time: 2h 32min
Director:Ridley Scott
Quality: HD
The Last Duel, directed by Ridley Scott, is set in the 14th century, during the Hundred Years War, and tells a true story, that of the last "duel of God" fought in France under the reign of Charles VI. After returning from the war, knight Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon), a great fighter on the battlefield, discovers that his wife Marguerite (Jodie Comer) has been raped by the squire and his friend Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), known for his sagacity and his oratory art.
Marguerite bravely decides to bring Jacques to trial and report what happened, but she is not believed. Since the woman's testimony was too weak at the time, because she deprived of any legal position without the presence of her husband, the victim of her rape was accused of telling lies.
This is how Jean, in order to defend his wife's honor, decides to resort to the chivalrous code and challenge Jacques to a duel, following the principle of "Deus Vult", that is, the survivor by divine will would have won the contest. Only one of the two will therefore be able to survive what was the last judicial duel in French history and one of the most grueling ...
The Last Duel (2021)

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