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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: Canada, Greece
Time: 1h 40min
Quality: HD
Obviously, not a major Hollywood production, but a well put together piece of storytelling set against the backdrop of an Athens tourists rarely get to see. The locations are well chosen and well photographed, and the action filmed in outside locations does not get overpowered by busy (uncontrollable) city life.

Some performances are stronger than others, but, as a whole, the cast moves the story forward with honesty, conviction, and some nice comedic moments and characterisation.

Would it have been different with a larger budget behind it? Of course. But, even without the bells and whistles, there is still a story told; it exists in an identifiable place and time; and the narrative is served well by all those involved: it is on these criteria I have given it my rating.
The Light Touch (2021)

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